Contrat Hotel Carpet
Contrat Hotel CarpetsTufting Project & Hotel Carpets
VIAMADA Contract and Hotel Carpets are produced with specially designed quality, patterns, colors and printing technologies. Within this context, it performs the manufacture of contract carpets based on Polyamide 6 which are very different from standard production and at a very high quality by using ChromojetTM.

We provide special solutions with high quality and favorable price policy to your projects with the meticulous calculation according to the needs of the project, the quality determination suitable for the purpose of use, the project-specific pattern and color choices, and the meticulous and high quality turn-key service understanding by our experienced application teams.
Yarn material100% Polyamide 6
Yarn heightfrom 5 mm to 8 mm (± %5)
First backingWoven Polypropylene
Last backingFelt
Total Heightfrom 8,5 mm to 11,5 mm (± %5)
Total weight1700 - 3000 gr/m² (± %5)
Vettermann Test ISO TR 10361/EN 1471Valid
Thermal Insulation ISO 83020.10 m2 K/W
Dimensional Stability Test EN 986Valid
Walking Test EN 18150.1 kV
Horizontal Electrical Resistance ISO CD 109654x108 Ω
Vertical Electrical Resistance ISO CD 109656x1010 Ω
Static LoadingAntistatic
Fire Response CertificateEN ISO 11925-2 EN ISO 9239-1